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U2News - Slow Dancing - U2 and Willie Nelson


 "Slow Dancing"

My love is cruel as the night
she steals the sun and shuts out the light
all of my colors, they turn to blue
win or lose

She does it slow dancing ... all night long

Scarlet eyes and a see-through heart
she saw me coming right from the start
she picked me up, but had me down on my knees
just a-begging her, begging her please

Take me slow dancing ... she took me slow dancing ... all night long

And I don't know why a man
searches for himself in his lover's eyes
no, i don't know why a man
sees the truth but believes the lies

My love is restless as the wind
she moves like a shadow across my skin
she left with my conscience -- don't want it back
it just gets in the way

If you wanna go slow dancing ... she took me slow dancing ... all night long ... slow 

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Un bon moment<br /> A bientôt
Bonsoir,<br /> Oui c'est une très belle chanson ,on ne s'en lasse pas!!!<br /> Bonne fin de soirée<br /> @ Bientôt ...
je partage le lien.<br /> @mitié
Merci pour le lien , il faut dire que c'est une très belle chanson!!<br /> @ Bientôt...